Meet our editorial board. We are primarily made up of students, which means everything you're seeing is student made, student created, and student loved. 

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Hanna is a sophomore here at Olivet College. She is an English major with a minor in women's and gender studies. This is her first time working on a literary journal team, and she's incredibly grateful that it's with this amazing group of people! She's hoping to go into the publishing industry after college and knows that this will be great experience. 

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Editorial Board

(Previous Editor)

Savannah is a senior at Olivet College and is pursuing a degree in English. She volunteered on the GARF editorial board for the 2021 edition and came back as the editor for the 2022 edition. She hopes to pursue a career in the publishing industry and has loved her time with the GARF.



Editorial Board

Reece is a writing major and junior here at Olivet College. She decided to join the GARF when she changed her major from biology to her passion (writing) and thought it would be an amazing experience, opportunity, and way to possibly share some of her own works. Reece loves to read and write in any free time she has and aspired to be a published author one day.



Layout Design

Breanne is a junior at Olivet College and is pursuing degrees in Business Marketing and Media Production and Communications. She enjoys reading and writing in her spare time but, this is her first time working on a literary journal team. Breanne hopes to pursue a career in content creation/advertising, so her work with the GARF has been essential for providing hands on experiences with designing and promoting content.



Faculty Advisor

Meredith has been the GARF faculty advisor for four years. She joined up for the joy of working with literature and has stayed because of the joy of working with students. Every year brings new creativity and energy to a long tradition. In addition to this role, Professor Dodson teaches composition and creative writing and chairs the Arts and Humanities Department.



Editorial Board

Bray is a fourth year English major and writing minor. She worked with the GARF the last two years and is super excited to be back for this semester. She loves the process of selecting and editing pieces for the journal. Bray is planning to go into the publishing industry after college, and she is currently serving as the Editor for the Echo, Olivet’s school newspaper.



Laytout Design

Maggie is a junior in the Media Production and Communication major at Olivet. She is involved with student media, primarily WOCR, the college’s radio station, but she loves being involved anywhere she can be. She is from Bay City, Michigan, where she grew up with an appreciation for all things music, movies, and people.

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Interested in the GARF?

We are always looking for new students to join our team! The GARF is offered in both Fall and Spring semesters. If you are interested please email our editor: sbaker@olivetcollege.edu