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The Garf has a rich history spanning over fifty years, meaning that there are decades of Alumni who all have rich memories of their time working on the Garf. 


Years on the Garf staff:                            Roles on the Garf staff: 

2012                                                               managing editor                              

2013                                                               layout editor 


Graduation year:                                       Semesters worked on the Garf: 

2014                                                               4


What is your favorite memory/story you have from your time working on the Garf? 

The fun we had in the office while we worked. Sarah and Stephanie were great to work with. It was a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.


How do you feel you benefited in the long run from your experience with the Garf?

When I was going to school, my career path was going to be graphic design. It’s a big reason I worked on the Garf and The Echo while I attended Olivet. However, after graduation my path took me in a different direction. Working on the Garf gave me an opportunity to work on something I would have never had the opportunity to do if I hadn't attended Olivet. It gave me insight to working together as a team to solve problems and make a great publication. I loved my time working on the Garf and would encourage others to try, even if you may not think you’re capable of it.

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